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Economic policy guidance and monitoring are the OECD’s main tasks. In the macroeconomic area, this work involves both short and longer-term forecasts on economic development. The interplay between policy design and economic development in the individual countries is of particular interest. Transnational analysis in fields such as the labour market, health, education and the ageing population in OECD member countries plays a key role in the structural policy area.

Important OECD publications include the twice-yearly OECD Economic Outlook and the annual report Going for Growth.

OECD Economic Outlook

Going for Growth

The OECD Economic Outlook contains short and medium-term economic forecasts on the member countries and selected non-members. Going for Growth provides a summary of structural policy developments in the OECD member countries and identifies structural policy actions that need to be taken in order to safeguard long-term growth and employment.

General economic policy

Economic Policy Committee (EPC)

The Economic Policy Committee (EPC) is the OECD’s main economic policy body after the Ministerial Council. This high-level committee discusses macroeconomic policies and the economic outlook in the most important economic regions. Its findings are then fed into the OECD Economic Outlook.

Working Party No. 1 on Macroeconomic and Structural Policy Analysis (WP1)

The Economics Department’s main macroeconomic and structural policy activities are discussed at expert level in this working group.

Working Group on Short-Term Economic Prospects (STEP)

Economics experts discuss the OECD Secretariat’s economic forecasts on OECD member countries and key partners in the Working Group on Short-Term Economic Prospects (STEP) and compare these forecasts with the relevant national forecasts.

OECD member countries

Key partners

Economic policy in the member countries

Economic and Development Review Committee (EDRC)

The Economic and Development Review Committee (EDRC) conducts and publishes the widely read OECD Economic Surveys, a peer review of the economic and structural policy of all OECD member countries and selected non-members that is carried out every two years. The review explores both macroeconomic and structural policy issues, such as labour market and innovation policy. The aim is to provide countries with recommendations for better policies. The survey of Germany scheduled for the beginning of 2018 is of particular interest.

Economic Surveys

What the Permanent Mission does

The key tasks of the Permanent Mission include:

     monitoring OECD activities in the various topic Areas

     organising committee meetings and drawing up the agendas for them, e.g. positions
     on the OECD recommendations in the country surveys

     reporting on meetings and ongoing activities such as the OECD’s economic forecasts

     preparing and supporting the EDRC’s survey of Germany

     organising visits and lectures by experts from Germany

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