Employment and Social Issues

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Employment and Social Issues

Responsable Delegate: Isabelle Bodin, Tel. +33 (0)1 55 74 57 05, Contact Form

The OECD Directorate for Employment, Labour and Social Affairs deals with employment, social, migration and health policy. The OECD’s increasing prominence and many years of experience in this field in particular are especially important for Germany. Not only does the Organisation provide fundamental, important data and analyses; it is also an indispensable forum for exchange and dialogue among states.

In the field of employment, the OECD examines how employment patterns and the labour markets differ both among OECD Member countries and compared to a few selected non-members, looking at regions, gender differences, various types of employment relationship and differing working conditions. It also produces regular analyses of employment and social policies in non-member and developing countries, as well as of public sector human resource management practices. The results of these studies are published annually in the “OECD Employment Outlook”. Germany believes that increasing inequalities and the spread of required skills (skills strategy) also have an important role to play.

The OECD has for many years been actively engaged in the field of migration, an important topic for Germany, too. In the OECD programme on international migration, the Organisation examines the economic and social impact of migration in both the host countries and the countries of origin.

In its analyses of health policy in various countries, the OECD takes a multidimensional approach to take account of the impact of various policy areas. In addition, the OECD collates and publishes data in its annual publication “OECD Health Statistics”, one of the most comprehensive collections of cross-border health statistics.

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