Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection


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Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection

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The OECD provides governments with information, analyses and guidance, with the aim of showing them practical and innovative ways to improve and liberalise agriculture policy. Agriculture policy remains dominated by dirigiste measures by governments in their own country’s agriculture sectors aimed at supporting domestic production.

Many interventions, primarily in the form of production subsidies and tariff and non-tariff-based trade barriers, lead to additional costs for consumers and burdens on tax payers. Such interventions reduce a country’s economic performance, distort production and trade, hinder growth in developing countries and can have a negative impact on the climate. There is a need to develop alternative models.

The OECD Agriculture Ministers have recognised that the OECD analyses to date have significantly boosted understanding of agriculture policies and their international effects.

In the fishing sector, the OECD is focusing on researching effective and sustainable management of fish resources.

Globalisation, technological progress, structural adjustments and social expectations are changing the climate for trade and business. Governments need to draw up their policies accordingly. The OECD analyses provide an important basis for supporting national and international decisions such as negotiations in the World Trade Organization (WTO) and EU agriculture policy regulations.

Alongside these policy tasks, the OECD works on a large number of international standards, including standards on agricultural seeds, tractor safety, fruit and vegetables, and forest seeds and plants. It also supports basic research in these fields by young academics.

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