Online Webinar: New lobbying register in Germany

The OECD Public Governance Directorate organises together with the OECD Berlin Centre a webinar on the new lobbying register in Germany. This virtual discussion will take place next Wednesday 7 October via Zoom, at 15.30-17.00pm, and will be held in German only. Registration can be completed here.­

The aim of the webinar is to support Germany with evidence and international experience on regulating lobbying and to inform ongoing discussions in Parliament. It will discuss how regulatory policies and transparency in the public sector can be upheld, while simultaneously maintaining a space for expert lobbyists. Speakers include Silvia Spaeth, Co-Chair of the OECD Working Party on Senior Public Integrity Officials, as well as a diverse panel of German Members of Parliament.

Back to back to the 75th session of the UN General Assembly  a – virtual – ministerial meeting of the Alliance for Multilateralism will take place on 25th of September 2020. It will be dedicated to concrete efforts and joint initiatives, especially in the fields of climate, cyber, health and gender.

At a time when key principles of the rules-based international order and essential instruments of international cooperation are challenged, the Alliance for Multilateralism aims at bringing together those who believe that strong and effective multilateral cooperation, based on the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations, international law and justice, are indispensable foundations to secure peace, stability and prosperity and who want to join hands to act along this endeavor. The Alliance for Multilateralism has been launched jointly by the German and French Foreign Ministers on 2nd of April 2019.

On this occasion, German Ambassador to the OECD Michaela Spaeth, underlines the very important work of the OECD for strengthening the multilateralism:

Based on shared values, such as rule of law, democracy, mutual understanding,  international cooperation and evidence-based work, the OECD demonstrates clearly how peer learning, exchange of expertise and mutual projects lead to a better world.

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